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高原气象  2018, Vol. 37 Issue (1): 240-252    DOI: 10.7522/j.issn.1000-0534.2017.00033
朱智, 师春香, 张涛, 王佳强
国家气象信息中心, 北京 100081
Applicability Analysis of Four Soil Moisture Reanalysis Datasets in China
ZHU Zhi, SHI Chunxiang, ZHANG Tao, WANG Jiaqiang
National Meteorological Information Center, Beijing 100081, China
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摘要: 利用国家气象信息中心提供的"中国农业气象土壤水分数据集(1981-2010年)(V1.0)"中150个农业气象站的土壤湿度观测资料,对2001-2010年CFSR、ERA-Interim、NCEP R-1和NCEP R-2四套再分析土壤湿度资料在中国区域的适用性进行了比较与评估。结果表明:(1)从空间分布来看,四套再分析资料都可以正确描述出中国区域土壤湿度的分布特征,但是NCEP R-1对于青藏高原土壤湿度的模拟存在一定的问题;(2)从时间变化来看,CFSR再分析资料能够较好地描述了土壤湿度的时间变化,而NCEP R-2再分析资料表现得较差;(3)从土壤湿度的季节循环看,在表层,CFSR和ERA-Interim再分析资料模拟地比较好,而NCEP R-1和NCEP R-2再分析资料出现了高估现象;而在深层,除NCEP R-1外,其他三种再分析资料都可以较好地模拟出土壤湿度的季节循环。
关键词: 土壤湿度再分析资料空间分布时间变化    
Abstract: The exchange process of water, heat and momentum between land surface and atmosphere is called land surface process. Soil moisture is an important physical parameter in land surface process research, and also is an important index to verify the accuracy of hydrological process in land surface process simulation, which receives extensive attention from researchers in different fields. Although soil moisture is very important to climate and drought research, relevant researches are hindered by temporal and spatial limitation of soil moisture observation data, so soil moisture reanalysis datasets, which have advantages of global coverage, long time series and spatial and temporal continuity, are often used as alternative data in land-atmosphere interaction research. Because each reanalysis datasets use different numerical prediction models and assimilation methods, there are some data quality differences, especially quality inconsistency of various soil moisture reanalysis datasets, so it is essential to evaluate applicability of various soil moisture reanalysis datasets in China, which can provide beneficial reference to climate and drought research. The historical soil moisture observation data of China mainly originate from agricultural meteorological observation stations built by China Meteorological Administration, and these data are mainly kept in paper form, which have not been used wildly and effectively. In 2014, National Meteorological Information Center finished digitization and quality control work of historical soil moisture observation data, and developed the "China Agricultural Meteorology Soil Moisture Dataset (1981-2010) (V1.0)", which provides a newer and more reliable soil moisture observation data for soil moisture reanalysis datasets assessment. Using soil moisture observing data of 150 agricultural meteorology stations from "China Agricultural Meteorology Soil Moisture Dataset (1981-2010) (V1.0)" provided by National Meteorological Information Center, we compared and analyzed four soil moisture reanalysis datasets:CFSR, ERA-Interim, NCEP R-1 and NCEP R-2's applicability in China. The results show that:(1) In the aspect of spatial distribution, four reanalysis datasets can basically describe the spatial distribution of soil moisture in China, but NCEP R-1 reanalysis dataset has problems in western Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau soil moisture simulation; (2) In the aspect of time variation, CFSR can well describe time series of soil moisture, and NCEP R-2 has the worst performance over four reanalysis datasets; (3)In the aspect of seasonal cycle of soil moisture, in surface layer, CFSR and ERA-Interim are better, NCEP R-1 and NCEP R-2 overestimated soil moisture in simulation; In deep layer, except for NCEP R-1, other three reanalysis datasets can basically simulate the seasonal cycle of soil moisture.
Key words: Soil moisture    reanalysis datasets    spatial distribution    time variation
收稿日期: 2016-11-21 出版日期: 2018-02-20
ZTFLH:  P468  
基金资助: 国家自然科学基金重点项目(91437220);公益性行业(气象)科研专项(GYHY201506002)
通讯作者: 师春香     E-mail:
作者简介: 朱智(1991-),男,安徽蚌埠人,助理工程师,主要从事陆面过程与气候变化研究
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朱智, 师春香, 张涛, 王佳强. 四套再分析土壤湿度资料在中国区域的适用性分析[J]. 高原气象, 2018, 37(1): 240-252.

ZHU Zhi, SHI Chunxiang, ZHANG Tao, WANG Jiaqiang. Applicability Analysis of Four Soil Moisture Reanalysis Datasets in China. PLATEAU METEOROLOGY, 2018, 37(1): 240-252.


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