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PLATEAU METEOROLOGY  1993, Vol. 12 Issue (1): 90-94    DOI:
Liu Xinzhong1, Chen Mingli2, Fang Guangseng1, Wang Huaibin2, Yuan Yi3
1. The Second Institute of second Artillery, PLA, 100085;
2. Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, Gansu 730000;
3. Xujiaying Village, Yanqin County, Beijing 102100
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Abstract  In this paper,the artificially triggered lightning in the maize field during the earing and flowering stages was discussed.The change of the electromagnetic field near the stroke points was measured.It was found that the rates of two earing and the earing of male flower of the maize near the stroke points and the thoroughfare of igniting wire of artificially triggered lightning in the crop field are much greater.They are 4 times and 2.8 times higher than in common one respectively.The phenomenon is the same as that of mutation induced by physical factors.If it can repeat and the mutation can inherit,it must be one of the evidence of the evolution of life in nature.
Key words:  Artificially triggered lightning      Electric shock      Corn variation     
Received:  12 December 1991      Published:  24 March 1993

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Liu Xinzhong, Chen Mingli, Fang Guangseng, Wang Huaibin, Yuan Yi. ARTIFICIALLY TRIGGERED LIGHTNING AND THE CORN VARIATION. PLATEAU METEOROLOGY, 1993, 12(1): 90-94.

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