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Founded in 1982, Plateau Meteorology is one of the national atmospheric science journals hosted by the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences and published by Science Press. It mainly reports the new achievements, new ideas and new progress of atmospheric science in China, especially in the fields of Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau meteorology and mountain meteorology, to promote the development of atmospheric science and related disciplines as well as the growth of talents, and to promote academic exchanges at home and abroad. It mainly covers all aspects of atmospheric science, including theories of weather and climate, observation and prediction methods, global climate change, atmospheric physics, atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric lightning and other disciplines. and provides the information about academic events, advances and trends in academic research, communications and discussions of different academic ideologies. In particular, we welcome and give priority to the publication of the national Knowledge Innovation Project, the National Key research projects and the national Natural Science Foundation of China in the forefront of atmospheric science in various branches and interdisciplinary research results.

Plateau Meteorology has columns such as academic papers, essays, research briefs, academic discussions and comprehensive reviews. Supported by it’s numerous readers and contributing authors, the journal has achieved great improvements in both academic and editing qualities. As a result, the journal was repeatedly recognized and awarded as China's most internationally influential academic journal for many consecutive years since 2012, the third-level scientific journal of publishing fund in Chinese Academic of Sciences in 2015, as well as the 5th Outstanding S&T Journals of China in 2020. It has been also recognized and acknowledged by three international professional information centers and classified as a core journal by the major domestic databases below:

         Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD)
         Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citation Database (CSTPCD)
         Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation (RCCSE)
         Chinese Core Journal Criterion of Peking University
         Chinese Core Journal Criterion
         Japan Science and Technology Agency Database (Japan)

According to the Annual Report on the Impact Factor of China Academic Journals (Natural Science and Engineering Technology) in 2021, Plateau Meteorology was ranked No. 2 among 16 atmospheric Sciences journals with a 2.092 composite impact factor, 4387 total citations and 152800 downloads on line. The hits on the journal website (www.gyqx.ac.cn) keeps increasing steadily, and stood at 14,848,000 in 2021.

Published by Science Press and issued to the domestic and foreign readers, Plateau Meteorology was made a bimonthly edition of 256 A4 sized pages. It is essential reading for meteorology technicians, college teachers, students and the relevant scholars in meteorology and related hydrology, agriculture and earth environment studies. The Journal can be subscribed to in post offices with an annual fee of 390 RMB. Please contact the editorial office for the back issues.

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